Two Ways to Adjust for Privacy in Paid Media

Published on 17th June 2021

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This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Maliya Rooney of Padilla. View the original post: Cookie Concerns: Adjusting For Privacy In Paid Media.

Website cookies elicit complicated opintions these days. That’s why it’s important for brands and marketers to understand what digital cookies are and how they’re used.

What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are a tracking technology that uses a small text file stored by your web browser when you visit or interact with a website. There are different types of cookies, but advertisers typically use third-party cookies to monitor your behavior or that device across the web.

Based on that third-party data, media companies then build third-party audiences that makes assumptions from the data, such as who a person is, their likes and interests, where they are from, etc. From there, the media company can serve brand messages to people who might find it interesting.

Push for privacy

Recent pushes for privacy protections are resulting in laws that will diminish or even abolish the collection and use of third-party cookie data. Users are also taking it upon themselves to disable cookies in browsers and browsers are also accelerating anti-tracking efforts and cookie restrictions.

As brand managers, advertisers and marketers, how do we manage without cookies?

Find alternate ways to build audiences

Identify and work with media vendors who are planning for a cookie-less future by determining target audiences in other ways. Many vendors have begun balancing their data collection methods so their services won’t be significantly impacted by a lack of cookies.

New options include contextual targeting, probabilistic and deterministic data and other less invasive ways to allow advertisers to serve relevant ads.

To learn the second area of focus, read the full blog post, “Cookie Concerns: Adjusting for Privacy in Paid Media.”

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