Content Validation: The Next Industry Frontier

Published on 25th March 2020

Over the past few years, the production of questionable media has steadily increased. From politics to celebrity scandal, misinformation in the media has negatively impacted many communication-based efforts.

Subsequently, this creates a sense of distrust that surrounds all forms of media. Consumers are questioning the media they are seeing and more skeptical than ever before.

KBGTexas Communications focuses on the issue of fake news and the increasing importance of content validation. Below, they offer some key insights into the fake news crisis the media is facing:

1) Effects of Fake News can be Disastrous

Society is increasingly aware of the damage fake news can create. That is why so many organizations, from government offices to communication agencies, are constantly looking for more information to combat fake news. This is not just a business or communication issue – the damage can spread much deeper.

2) Content Validation Tools are Currently Limited

Tools have been created to debunk fake media such as videos and images. But, some of the most misleading content is actually text-based. From headlines to fabricated news stories, there is still work to be done in regards to printed and written media.

3) Critical Thinking Combats Fake News

One tool with the power to debunk fake news is critical thinking. If a story seems like it may be fabricated, using other sources to verify facts can prevent the spread of fake news. This is getting harder and harder as fake news creators get better at what they do.

4) Actively Seek Learning Opportunities

To ensure you are not falling victim to fake news, educate yourself and use available tools to decipher whether news is credible or not. There are a variety of resources that offer tips and tricks to debunking fake new claims.

As fake news continues to be created and spread, it is essential for business leaders, communication experts and the public to work together to understand their roles in debunking false claims.

This leads to an interesting point KBGTexas Communications raises about fake news. Will content validation become a large industry?  Get their take along with more insights in their blog on fake news and content verification.

You can also find more insights from partners about technology and news.

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