Fake News: How We Can Fight It

Published on 9th January 2018

Fake news is an issue that has affected everything from the presidential election to a D.C. pizza shop. As public relations professionals, it’s our job to maintain relationships between our clients and their audiences through various media outlets. Fake news has the power to destroy the trust between our clients and their audiences.

Worldcom partner Nuffer, Smith, Tucker Public Relations know we need to work to combat any misinformation about our clients to ensure the relationships with their audiences is genuine. In their latest blog post, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker outlined three news tools public relations professionals can use to help build trust for their clients.

The Trust Project is an international coalition of news organizations, digital platforms and search engines working to increase transparency in journalism. The coalition follows eight principles to determine whether a news site is accurate and credible. If the content is trustworthy, a logo will appear on the webpages to notify users the content has been approved by the Trust Project.

Google has built a Fact Check Label for stories that appear in Google News searches. The label identifies stories that have been fact checked by trusted news publishers to help readers make more educated decisions about the content they are reading.  Head over to their blog to learn about the last news tools available to fight fake news.

Nuffer, Smith, Tucker is an independent public relations agency in San Diego, California. A diverse team dedicated to pushing themselves, the industry and their clients forward, it offers communication and strategic planning services as well as in-house graphics, website and interactive capabilities.

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