Collaborating to Create a Stand-Out Influencer Program

Published on 28th April 2021

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Tea Lindroos of Medita Communications. View the original post: Aidot ja rohkeat – tee vaikuttajayhteistyöstä vaikuttavaa.

Influencer marketing has been central to Fitbit’s marketing communications strategy for years. The health tech company, a client of Finland-based Medita Communications, leverages influencers to grow its global community of tens of millions of committed users. The key: genuine and shared experiences. 

Authenticity, ethics and long-term relationships

The three cornerstones of Fitbit’s influencer marketing are authenticity, ethics and long-term relationships. Collaboration is best when the influencer genuinely wants to use the product as part of their everyday life; it feels natural and honest. Over time, that collaboration and trust is strengthened, creating value for everyone — the influencer, their audience and Fitbit. 

Quality is more important than quantity

Don’t get hung up on follower counts, the most important thing is who the influencer is — what are their interests and how does the product relate to them? Can customers identify with them, do they inspire confidence, are they open, natural and approachable?

That’s how Fence Runner Noora Hope drew Fitbit’s attention and eventually became Fitbit’s first brand ambassador in Finland. Learn more about the partnership with Hope, which developed into a project that could be localized to other countries, and more influencer insights in the full blog post Genuine and Bold – Make Influential Collaboration Impressive. Get other great insights on Social Media influencer and strategy.

Medita Communication Oy is a PR and communication consultancy based in Jyväskylä and Helsinki, Finland. Focused on offering communication solutions to technology and industrial companies and expert service providers Medita’s strengths are in strategic planning of interest group communication and quality contents for online communications, internal communications and media and social media relations.

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