Case Study: Setting a Marketing Team – and Organization – Up for Success

Published on 26th January 2019

When a national health and retirement benefits organization saw a decline in sales of a core product, they knew they needed a solution to keep up with competitors. With the help of Standing Partnership, the organization was able to improve their internal communications strategy and cross-departmental alignment of goals and priorities.

The Challenge

An initial audit conducted by Standing Partnership revealed several internal communications issues that were holding the organization back. The team lacked agreement on priorities, causing misalignment between marketing programs and business goals. The organizational infrastructure simply didn’t set the team up for success.

The Solution

Standing Partnership developed a strategy to tackle these challenges, including:

  1. Competitive Audit
  2. Target Market Analysis
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Marketing & Sales Alignment
  5. Communications Audit
  6. Internal Team Building
  7. Change Management

The Result

Through the implementation of the multi-prolonged strategy, the organization created a cohesive leadership team aligned on priorities and goals. Because of this, the marketing team was well-prepared to drive bottom line growth with measurable ROI.

Want more details on the solution Standing Partnership provided? Read more as Standing Partnership breaks down the details of their internal communications strategy in their full case study.


Standing Partnership is a marketing and corporate communications consulting firm located in St. Louis that excels at strategy and execution. Since 1991, their consultants have worked with business leaders in agriculture, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing and other major industries to accelerate growth by tying marketing to the bottom line. Through messaging, brand identity, executive communications, stakeholder engagement, corporate social responsibility reporting, and crisis preparedness, Standing Partnership helps organizations gain market and societal acceptance.

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