Why Business Leaders Must Convey Authenticity

Published on 28th February 2023

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The public has changed attitudes toward private sector leadership. Consumers expect responsible, ethical and empathetic business practices. While many business leaders believe showcasing sustainability and community engagement initiatives will meet expectations, consumers expect more. Stakeholders expect that executives behave and communicate with empathy and authenticity, both internally and externally.

For example, think of the recent wave of layoff announcements. As companies of all sizes announced the unfortunate news, what was covered in the media? Not only the news of the layoffs, but the analysis of how the terminations were delivered to employees.

Criticized for appearing too nonchalant, others are praised for being open and honest. The way executives communicate, on or off the record, is a direct reflection of their organization. Whether it’s an external presentation, social media post, or press interview, communications influence how a brand is perceived.

This is where communications coaching comes in. A communication lead may be asking, “why would I need to train a c-level executive that doesn’t speak directly to the media?” Well, communication coaching goes far beyond key messages and best practices for interviews.  The training shows business leaders how to communicate efficiently and effectively to external and internal stakeholders.

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