Why Your Brand Should Consider Micro-Influencer Marketing

Published on 22nd February 2024

This insights post is a summary of the original blog post published by HBI Communication. View the post:  Micro-influencer marketing – the secret weapon for brand success.

Brands are always looking for effective ways to reach their target audiences. One strategy that is growing in popularity that’s worth watching is micro-influencer marketing. These influencers don’t have massive followings but are approached for brand partnerships because of how engaged their audiences are.

In fact, the smaller the audience an influencer has, the more engaged they tend to be. A micro-influencer usually has anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 followers and average Engagement Rate of around 3%. Outside of an impressive engagement rate, let’s dive into why your brand should consider leveraging micro-influencer marketing.

Micro-Influencers Build Authentic Relationships

Since micro-influencers can have a more tight-knit following, they tend to more personal relationships with their followers. This connection makes the influencer feel more genuine and their opinions are more credible. Many micro-influencers take the time to get to know their subject matter extremely well, becoming an expert. In addition, content tends to extend beyond just posting a photo. Micro-influencers often host FAQs, make education videos, and will usually only recommend products they believe in.

The authenticity micro-influencers bring to the table leads directly into the value they can offer brands. Just because an influencer has fewer followers doesn’t mean they can’t help your brand accomplish marketing goals. Since their audience is more engaged, every like, comment, and share has more potential to turn into a qualified lead.

Content that micro-influencers put out on social media channels can also help your brand learn more about certain affinities your target audience has.

Another benefit is that these content creators are usually cheaper to partner with and come with the added benefit of having less fake or bot accounts following them.

How do you choose the right micro-influencer for your brand?

A good start is to take a closer look at your strategic marketing goals. By knowing what type of KPIs, messaging, forms of content, and budget the campaign has, you’ll be able to narrow down some options. You’ll also want to make sure that any micro-influencers you’re considering know your industry. With expert knowledge, they’ll be better equipped to talk through or demonstrate any unique competitive advantages your products or service have.

By leveraging the right micro-influencers, you can boost your social media strategy and grow trust with target audiences. If your marketing efforts could benefit more quality over quantity, it’s worth exploring this growing tactic today.

To learn more about HBI and how you can leverage micro-influencers, check out the full blog post: Micro-Influencer Marketing: The Secret Weapon for Brand Success.

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