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Published on 31st July 2023

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by RH Strategic. View the full length blog post here: The B2B Guide For Sponsored Content.

Content marketing has long been a tool many brands have utilized in order to stay ahead. However, there is a certain amount of strategy and a diversified approach that must be developed when marketing in a b2b atmosphere. Sponsored content, as part of an integrated communications strategy, can provide long- and short-term benefits. It gives brands a new platform to build scale and relevance while boosting impact. Buyers want a story, not another advertisement.

Sponsored content and your communications strategy

It’s important to understand, first, where sponsored content fits in a communications strategy.

Typically, communications strategies include earned media (like traditional PR-gained media coverage) and owned media (content on your website or blog that you control). Paid media provides another element to generate results. This is where sponsored content lives.

At a high level, paid media is editorial-style content that you pay to place or promote. But, unlike a display ad or a search ad, sponsored content delivers a business impact by creating new opportunities for engagement. When incorporated into a multi-asset, integrated communications campaign, sponsored content can help increase web traffic, generate leads, reach new audiences, or even rebuild a brand from negative sentiment. One of the great values of sponsored content is the near-absolute control a company has over it. As opposed to relying on a third-party interpretation of the story, a company can tell its story as it believes it should—or needs—to be told in a way that reaches its target audience.

If you want to learn about the six-step process in how to launch and sponsored content campaign, make sure to head over to the full blog post: The B2B Guide For Sponsored Content.  Find other insights from Worldcom Partners about Content Marketing.

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