5 Ways to Optimize Your PR for Search Engines

Published on 6th September 2021

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This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Billy Holmes of JBP Associates. View the original blog:  5 ways to optimise your PR for search engines. 

Since SEO and Public Relations (PR) are both effective in building reputation and management strategies, our partner, JBP takes a deep dive into better ways to optimise using SEO and PR.  

Are PR and SEO related? 

PR and SEO are both long-term brand tactics that help organizations meet their objectives while providing other short- and medium-term benefits. While PR firms deal with what the user sees (content), SEO ensures that it is as effective as possible from the search engine’s perspective. In other words, Public Relations sort the ‘front-end’ and SEO practioners then handle the ‘back-end’. SEO can also leverage insights from this to generate new content ideas to use in Public Relations. 

How do PR and SEO complement each other? 

PR professionals attract web traffic and generate leads through the production of high-quality content for users. SEOs support these efforts by translating content into highly relevant descriptions and tags for search engines, such as Google and Bing. 

5 Ways to Optimize your PR 

Respond to user intent 

Plan your content based on what users are searching for.
Answer their questions in their preferred formats e.g. step-by-step tutorials vs list posts.
Provide the resources they want.
Pro tip: make sure you include images and/or videos. 

Do your Homework 

Research and select keywords that you could rank for.
Why? Google first ranks content according to its relevance to users’ search queries, which is largely determined by the use of relevant keywords. Make sure you use them naturally and throughout your content.
Pro tip: prioritize searcher intent when selecting keywords (Yoast’s SEO Course). 

Make original, high-quality content 

This will keep users on your page for as long as possible, which can boost its ranking on Google.
Pro tip: include links to other pages on your website to make it easier for Google to ‘crawl’ it and keep users on it longer. This can boost your site’s ranking. 

To read the other two ways on how to optimize your PR for search engines, read “5 ways to optimise your PR for search engines.”   You can also find other partner insights on content marketing to help you craft your strategy.


JBP PR & Parliamentary Affairs is one of the leading strategic communications consultancies in the United Kingdom dedicated to providing a highly informed, targeted and outcome-driven communications strategy for all its clients. Their approach is a three-step process: discover, define, deliver. This model allows the consultancy to provide ‘business-class’ service to support its client’s goals. 

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