5 Strategies for Writing in Another Person or Brand’s Voice

Published on 31st October 2022

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Shifting from academic to PR writing can take time to adjust to. Having a strong sense of grammar and flow is necessary for both college papers and corporate communications. It takes time to adjust to new formats and audiences. If you are shifting from working in an academic to a corporate setting. 

Here are five strategies to help strengthen your public relations content in a professional setting. 

Find Your Client’s Voice 

Read through previous pieces to get an idea how their brand communicated their values and viewpoints. When possible, ask a spokesperson to share their insights in the topic you’ll be writing about on their behalf. Keep track of a client’s most favorite or memorable frameworks and phrases that can be used as a reference point when developing new content. 

Develop A Hook or Angle 

An attention-grabbing hook at the beginning can show the reader why the topic you are writing about matters.  Referencing elements of your hook throughout the piece or calling it out in the conclusions will keep readers engaged and appreciate the continuity.  

Break It Down 

When writing longer pieces, breaking down the content into subsections or “listicles” makes it easier to hold engagement. Dividing and organizing your content with paragraph breaks and bolded subheadings can also help ensure your key points stick with readers.  

Include Relevant Data 

Client communication pieces need to be thoroughly researched. Including data that aligns with your message with strengthen your client’s points and give them credibility. Linking to your source material also validates credibility, as the reader can verify the information. 

Outlining is Key 

Having an outline helps ensure you have enough key data to back up your main arguments – each idea should have a supporting bullet point(s). An outline is a great way as a junior employee to run any initial ideas past supervisors or clients.

Want to know more? Get more details clear and concise writing how to write to your audience in the full blog post: 5 Strategies for Writing in Another Person or Brand’s Voice

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