5 PR & Digital Marketing Trends Shaping 2020

Published on 6th January 2020

A new decade is here and with it a wave of changing PR, communications and digital marketing strategies. Linhart PR wrote a recent blog post that outlines the top PR and Digital Marketing trends to keep an eye on this year including:

1) Experience Matters

Time is more valuable than ever. Consumers increasingly expect seamless experiences that offer convenience and simplicity. Brands need to understand what experiences are valued most by their audiences and provide solutions that are meet these needs.

In some instances, this may involve expanding beyond the traditional product or service offering. For example, Lululemon’s new store in Chicago is more than just a store – it includes dining, workout facilities, a meditation center and more to align with customer’s values. To accomplish something like this, brands may need to consider building partnerships that allow them to offer more valuable experiences to customers.

2) Gen Z Seeks Engaging, Interactive Content

There’s a reason Gen Zers love platforms like TikTok, Instagram TV and Twitch. This younger generation seeks two-way content that is authentic, entertaining and clever. For brands looking to reach this audience, it’s essential to push the boundaries of traditional social media in 2020.

3) Resilience Starts with the Right Culture

Today’s business climate is changing faster than ever, posing new challenges for leaders. Leaders must help employees manage, adapt and embrace business transformation within the organization. The only way to do this successfully is to define and live by shared values and a common vision for the company. Consistent, clear communication with employees is key to remaining resilient through changing times.

4) Relevant Data Rules Supreme

The right data offers the insights needed to create smarter, more engaging content and, ultimately, more valuable results. But with so much data available in so many different formats, determining what data offers the most value is going to become increasingly challenging.

The key to successfully harnessing data insights is to begin with clear goals and target audiences in mind. Once those pieces are identified, it becomes clearer which data points will support your PR efforts.

5) Competitors Increasingly Seeking Partnerships

Competing organizations are increasingly realizing that working with competitors may actually make sense, despite common belief. Brand partnerships can often benefit both organizations by offering customers more value. For example, Toys ‘R’ Us and Target recently teamed up to create a mutually beneficial partnership and improve their customers’ experience.

For a deeper look into the trends shaping the industry, download the 2020 Communications Predictions from Worldcom partners around the globe. 

Founded in 1996, Linhart PR is a national PR, corporate communications and digital media strategy firm serving clients nationally and internationally. The firm was recognized as one of the best of its size in the nation by PR Week in 2012, was a winner of the 2011 Top Small Company Workplaces award sponsored by Inc. Magazine, and was named 2011 Small Business of the Year from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

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