2020 Communications Predictions from Worldcom PR Group

Published on 18th December 2019

As we draw to the end of a year that has brought major change to people, organizations and countries, we asked our 2000+ Communications Consultants to provide their top predictions for 2020 and the next decade.

So, what will 2020 hold for us all? Worldcom Group Partners in 115 cities across the globe have pleasure to share their predictions. We’ve packaged their thoughts in a short guide that you can download below. Our experts have identified both global and local issues on the horizon in business communications and public relations. Our prediction guide will be helpful for international organizations making their plans for 2020.

Read Worldcoms Communications Predictions

We hope you find the predictions helpful, and that they enable you to enter 2020 with increased confidence to face the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Download the full list of 2020 Communications and PR Predictions now:

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