4 Tips for Navigating a Website Redesign

Published on 28th April 2020

Is your website due for a refresh? A complete overhaul? Many brands are taking a closer look at their digital presence as more audiences shift to virtual settings. And as the front door to your company, your brand’s website needs to accurately represent your brand and provide value to audiences.

Standing Partnership recently redesigned their website and learned several valuable insights from sitting on the other side of the table. They offer four helpful insights to keep in mind during your website redesign:

Tip #1: Work with the Right Partner

A good web development partner strives to create a customized solution based on your brand’s specific needs, investing time to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses. This partner will ask questions to understand your organization’s goals and target audiences, then outline a solution that speaks to both. If a partner rushes straight into the design, they likely will deliver a one-size-fits-all solution.

Tip #2: Commit to a (Flexible) Timeline

Detailing a timeline to keep the project focused and on track is essential. Internal and external partners often have differing opinions and ideas that oftentimes cause continuous back-and-forth communication. It’s important to commit to deadlines and avoid getting too wrapped up in details.

Tip #3: Keep Your Strategy in Mind

Your website design should be crafted based on a strategy with a clearly defined audience and goal in mind. Before starting, consider the business goal the website aims to achieve and what audience you need to reach to make that happen. There will be many creative ideas during the design process – don’t get caught up in the aesthetics and neglect your strategy.

Tip #4: Start Small and Continue to Improve

Rather than going through a three to five-year stagnation followed by an expensive overhaul, consider making small, continual improvements. Design your website in a way that is easy to make updates and improvements after the initial launch.

These tips are just a snippet of the insights from Standing Partnership. Get the comprehensive rundown of website redesign tips on their blog post.

Standing Partnership is a marketing and corporate communications consulting firm located in St. Louis that excels at strategy and execution. Since 1991, their consultants have worked with business leaders in agriculture, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing and other major industries to accelerate growth by tying marketing to the bottom line. Through messaging, brand identity, executive communications, stakeholder engagement, corporate social responsibility reporting, and crisis preparedness, Standing Partnership helps organizations gain market and societal acceptance.

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