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The new world of travel and tourism continues to change daily as the social and government adjustments for COVID-19 develop.

For many travelers, these times are uncertain and can cause many to restructure or replan their travels for the summer and beyond.

As many tourism locations are reopening with government regulations and restrictions, it is important that communicators, business leaders, and travel industry professionals understand and embrace the latest trends in travel and tourism.

Worldcom Partners at Off Madison Ave have shared six insights necessary to adjust to the consumer travel behavior changes.

Look to the outdoors for new thrills

Travelers are looking to avoid crowds during their trips, and are turning to outdoor recreation to do so. 58.5% of travelers participating in the Destination Analysts survey say it is important for non-crowded travel. Nature and the outdoors can and will be a great travel destination during this time. 

Preferred travel goes back to the old-fashion road trip

With 49.3% of travelers indicating that they would prefer to drive to travel destinations over flying, there will be an increase in road trips. Find ways to help your potential guest with road travel to your destination. 

Many will ‘Staycation’ over vacation

Look to locals as guests! 54.1% of vacationers are going to opt to keep their vacation time, but stay local. Now is a great time to amp up your local marketing and advertising and connect with those who are closest to your destinations. 

A higher standard for cleanliness

Cleanliness was always a priority, but now there is a need for the standards to be above and beyond. Guests are indicating cleanliness as a top property for their travel plans. Businesses should communicate their new plans for cleanliness to ensure customers feel secure. 

Travel insurance will be highly demanded

59% of respondents to Inside Flyer have indicated that they will purchase tickets to purposely support the airline and travel industry, but only if a guaranteed option of reimbursement exists. Because  COVID-19 updates happen every day, some consumers want the security to know they can change their plans at any time. 

Small crowds will be required

Guidelines are necessary to ensure the safety of guests during this time. Some travel locations are working diligently to respace their tables, stores, and lines to allow for six feet of space for visitors. 

Looking at the changes to the travel and tourism industry, there is a clear need to adapt to ensure success. These small changes can make an overall impact that will continue to delight your consumers and ensure safety regulations are followed.

The travel and tourism industry will continue to change as the developments change, so staying flexible and providing experiences that support and encourage your consumers to travel will be essential. 

Get more insights from Off Madison Ave on adapting to the changes in travel and tourism. You can also find more insights from partners about travel and tourism and COVID-19.

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