case study

Glade® Car

TQPR Thailand


  • Thailand was the Glade® brand’s priority market in SEA.
  • Glade® brand wanted to reinforce and raise awareness of existing Glade® fragrances.


  • Selected a well-known artist that collaborated with three lifestyle gurus to design the Glade® car wraps to excel the “Drive us to a better place” campaign, as a way to help media and consumers live a life full of positive emotions through their stories.
  • Involved and interacted with consumers to surprise and delight them with Glade® Car fragrances through high profile events and roadshows at high traffic areas and office buildings, including passersby.
  • Drove wrapped cars around high traffic areas and engaged public with activities to promote new car products during weekdays to deliver the product experience to where the consumers were.
  • Identified media outlets; newspaper, lifestyle, automotive, and online media.
  • Promoted the products with a unique story, inspiration, and material.


  • Brand and products received high and positive exposure in media.
  • Positive word of mouth on events and brand was ongoing and continued spreading, with interest in future actions and activities.

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