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City of Hope “Above and Beyond” Campaign

IW Group Inc.

For the first-time ever, City of Hope (COH) launch a fully-integrated, multi-ethnic marketing and outreach campaign targeting the diverse communities of the catchment area (Greater Los Angeles including 4 Southern California counties).  Based on the general market brand campaign, COH needs to develop culturally-relevant ads that captures the essence of COH’s brand positioning – The Miracle of Science with Soul.  The specific assignment is to assess and adapt the general market creative approach (focus on a cancer survivor’s story and COH’s role in providing cutting-edge treatment and compassionate care leading to that person’s positive outcome) into powerful in-language ads that is culturally sensitive and resonate (captures their attention and compels them to act) with the Chinese American market.

When encountering chronic diseases and conditions such as cancer, it’s very common in Chinese-American culture to have the entire family participating in the decision-making process such as hospital selection and treatment options.  Therefore, it’s very important for the target audience to know the doctors at City of Hope could understand their culture and to be able to communicate in their native language. This enables the patients and their support group to fully understand conditions and options for treatment.

Moreover, Chinese Americans believe in arming themselves within nothing but the best to increase their odds of succeeding in life, be it taking care of loved ones or achieving status. When it comes to fighting cancer, they want to find the best hospital and team that matches their desire for the best in everything.

With this insight, City of Hope must provide strong proof points when communicating with Chinese American patients and caregivers to boost their confidence level. It is important for the audiences to know what City of Hope does best is bringing science and research together with compassionate care. Because as the best cancer research and treatment facility in its field, City of Hope only has one goal in mind – Curing cancer. That is where Chinese American patients and caregivers find the most dedicated doctors, scientists, researchers and nurses all working together to find cures, save lives and transform the future of health.

Results included:

  • City of Hope has received a significant increase in the brand awareness and consideration levels:
  • Average page views (Chinese landing page) experienced a 100x increase during the campaign period compared to the prior month
  • Chinese pages were then 2nd most visited page after the English Home Page during the campaign period

After launching the campaign, City of Hope has received a significant increase in cancer-related queries from the Chinese audience.  Based on post campaign research studies, City of Hope is now on the top of consideration list for cancer hospitals among the Chinese-American community in Southern California.

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