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The country of Azerbaijan was preparing to host the Blancpain Sprint Racing Series. Simultaneously, the ministry of tourism was eager to promote the country as a destination for tourist travel. They approached Worldcom to collaborate on a global strategy to use the race as a draw to highlight the compressive tourist offerings of the country.

Worldcom’s comprehensive global structure allowed us to tap into our offices across the world to attract a truly global cross section of travel and tourism writers for a FAM trip to the country. Our offices across the world leveraged their trusted relationships with top travel and tourism media outlets and journalists and arranged a visit to the race and the country.

In total, 27 partner offices on five continents participated in the program. Worldcom arranged visits by 44 journalists covering news media, travel, sports and lifestyle. Visits produced 65 clippings and radio segments across six continents as well as extensive online coverage that positioned the country in an enthusiastic and positive manner. A modest $60,000 project fee returned more than $1.2 million in coverage. Moreover, the project was a clear demonstration of Worldcom’s ability to mobilize its global footprint and relationships and create an immensely successful campaign in a short timeframe (two months).

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