Sherri Fishman Receives The 2022 Bonny Levine Award at the IFA’s Annual Convention

Published on 7th March 2023

Congratulations to co-CEO and founder of Fishman PR, our partner in Illinois, U.S., Sheri Fishman, who received the 2022 Bonny Levine Award at the International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention in Las Vegas. This is one of the highest honors bestowed by IFA, as it recognizes women for their business and professional accomplishments within franchising and their contributions to society. It recognizes women who have gone above and beyond to act as role models and mentors to other women within the business community. They lead by example, demonstrate purpose, and focus on advancing women in franchising.

IFA President and CEO Matthew Haller said of Sherri: “Sherri Fishman is a true role model, not only for women, but for everyone in franchising. She has dedicated her entire career to franchising and given her time and talent to help franchise businesses grow, while cultivating the next generation of industry leaders. Sherri’s leadership within IFA demonstrates her commitment to lifting others up and working for the betterment of the sector so it can continue to generate opportunity around the nation.”

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