PLANIN and Grupo Albión Form a Strategic Alliance To Expand Their Presence in Brazil and Europe

Published on 8th February 2024

We’re very excited to share that two of our partners, PLANIN and Grupo Albión, have partnered to connect their markets of Brazil and Europe in a strategic alliance! This will help bridge the gap for companies in Brazil looking to expand their presence in Madrid and Portugal, and vice versa.

This is an exciting new chapter for both partners and we are very proud of their global expansion. A team of 100 highly qualified consultants, prepared to work in 9 different languages, will work together to generate value, insights and market analysis for clients to support their expansion and M&A operations.

See the announcement: PLANIN and Grupo Albión Form a Strategic Alliance To Expand Their Presence in Brazil and Europe 


Press Release


Grupo Albión Portugal and Planin Comunicação announce a strategic partnership that bridges the two continents.

Over 100 consultants working in 9 languages for top global firms. Agencies create value thanks to the range of corporate communications services tailored for the European and South American market

Lisbon and São Paulo, February 5, 2024 – Grupo Albión, which celebrated its recent opening in Lisbon last year, announces a strategic partnership with Planin, one of Brazil’s leading corporate communication agencies based in São Paulo. This partnership is integrated into the intercontinental expansion strategy of both agencies, offering high-value consulting and market analysis services to support companies during their expansion and M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) operations and thereafter with their corporate positioning.

With operations in Lisbon, Bogotá, Mexico City, and Madrid, Grupo Albión is a communication and corporate advisory consultancy that provides high-value strategic consulting to companies and institutions in all sectors, including Asset Management, Financial and Business Services, Real Estate, and Private Equity.

Led in Portugal by Alex Moore Mayorga, Grupo Albión has over 40 professionals at its headquarters and over 30 years of experience with deep knowledge of financial markets and M&A. “We are very excited about the opportunity to create value in corporate advisory and crisis management and offer our clients integrated strategic communication solutions,” says Alex, emphasizing Brazil’s tactical position as a powerhouse. “It is a partnership that consolidates our presence in South America and directs our activity toward São Paulo, one of the world’s major economic centers.” In this landscape, Lisbon serves as the gateway for Europe to access the complex and vibrant Brazilian market, from where it can expand to the rest of the Americas, a region in rapid growth.

Leading Planin Comunicação is Angélica Consiglio, one of Brazil’s top corporate communication professionals. From her extensive experience thanks to over 30 years in the sector, she highlights international projects in Latin America, the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, as well as training over 3,000 executives after founding her first company, Planin, at the age of 22 – is now one of Brazil’s most relevant corporate communication agencies.

“This alliance will allow us to benefit from the strength of the Brazilian economy and combine it with the sophistication of the European market,” highlights Angélica, adding, “with an increasingly global client profile, this change allows us to respond immediately to their needs, working in a fully integrated manner with a 360° view of market trends.”

Brazil is now one of the world’s largest markets, with significant growth momentum and an economic engine with a decisive weight in the world’s leading financial segments. Among the key factors that highlight its business potential:

  • Growing Economy: Brazil stands out for the resilience of its market, despite challenges. Its economy has shown consistent growth, making it an attractive destination for investment;
  • Growing Middle Class/Upper Class: Diverse consumption landscape and an excellent opportunity for companies to provide top-notch service to the demographic elite;
  • Strategic Geopolitical Positioning: Brazil is a fundamental gateway to the Americas and a bridge to the markets of Europe and the Middle East.


Sociodemographic data


Portugal 10 million inhabitants

$261 billion GDP

23% millionaire growth rate

5.5% GDP growth rate


203 million inhabitants

$2.12 trillion GDP

41% millionaire growth rate

3.1% GDP growth rate


About Planin Comunicação

Planin Comunicação is one of Brazil’s leading corporate communication agencies and has a global network with over 2,000 professionals specializing in strategy, brand reputation, corporate advisory, digital, internal communication, and crisis management. In its 30 years of operation, Planin has been responsible for communication for more than 400 companies in various sectors, with national and international projects involving one of the world’s largest agency networks, Worldcom Public Relations Group. The company has proven experience in mobilizing stakeholders and has in its portfolio more than 3 million generated reports, 3,500 hours of C-Level executive training, more than 1,200 well-managed high-impact crises, and many global merger and expansion projects. Despite this extensive structure, the agency adopts a customized client service model, led by its six female partners. For more information, visit

About Grupo Albión

Grupo Albión offers a focused and personalized approach to corporate communications that allows clients to achieve their objectives by enhancing their profile, safeguarding their reputation in complex environments and special situations such as transformation processes, crises, and capital market transactions. We operate in all financial markets with specialized partners, with deep and tested knowledge, led by professionals with whom we have been working for many years. Founded in 1991, Grupo Albión currently has 40 highly qualified consultants. For more information, visit


Grupo Albion Portugal Planin Comunicação
Alex Moore Mayorga Angélica Consiglio
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Rita Portugal Beatriz Imenes
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