Sixteen Partners Successfully Complete the Worldcom Management Standard

Published on 28th February 2021

Sixteen Worldcom partners recently demonstrated their expert capability by passing the Worldcom Management Standard (WMS) with an average score of 91%. To remain in Worldcom all partners have to pass a regular assessment under the WMS. This ensures that not only have partners earned the confidence and support of their clients by delivering the outcomes agreed, but also have rigorous systems to ensure financial strength, operational effectiveness, creativity, innovation and the development of an inspiring workplace that attracts and retains the best talent.

Worldcom Public Relations Group’s WMS is the communications industry’s most comprehensive peer review process. It happens on a continuous basis and the most recent cohort of 16 achieved this excellent score. Each agency reviewed received strong marks in the three categories evaluated – strategic approach, client satisfaction and Worldcom partner performance.  Continue reading below…

“Worldcom is the only global public relations partnership to require its partners to undergo a peer review, and it is a rigorous process,” said Todd Lynch, Worldcom’s managing director. “We evaluate performance on many stringent criteria. Client feedback is central to the review, so that our Board has a 360-degree view of performance and practices.”

We developed the WMS to ensure that all partners stay true to our purpose and ensure that we learn from each other”, said Roger Hurni, (Global Chair and managing partner) of Off Madison Ave. “We use the key learnings identified in the review process to drive continuous improvement and innovation across the partnership.

“It’s because we learn in this way that Worldcom partners are always at the forefront of communications innovation and practice. And it’s why our clients can be confident that our partners will unlock new ways to deliver value as the world bounces back from the pandemic.”


Congratulations to the agencies who completed this review:

  1. Arvizu – Mexico City, Mexico
  2. CASACOM – Montreal, Canada
  3. Cookerly Public Relations – Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.)
  4. Corporate Ink – Boston, Massachusetts (U.S.)
  5. Coyne PR – Parsippany, New Jersey (U.S.)
  6. DEVENEY – New Orleans, Louisiana (U.S.)
  7. Dix & Eaton – Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.)
  8. FWD – London, United Kingdom
  9. IW Group – Los Angeles, California (U.S.)
  10. MAARC – Paris, France
  11. Made In PR – Warsaw, Poland
  12. MC Comunicaciones – Quito, Ecuador
  13. Meropa – Johannesburg, South Africa
  14. Probako – Budapest, Hungary
  15. Public Communications Inc. (PCI) – Chicago, Illinois (U.S.)
  16. Yucatan – Paris, France

Worldcom is the largest partnership of independent public relations firms in the world, with more than 85 firms in 115 major cities on six continents. The Group creates collaboration, knowledge sharing, Peer-to-Peer professional development, and business opportunities for our network PR and Communications agencies around the globe. Hear directly from our global partners how Worldcom has empowered their agencies, employees, and clients. Worldcom is strong because our partners are strong. #WorldcomStrong

Do you have a question or interested in learning more about Worldcom Group? Drop us a line to talk to our team or be connected with a local partner – CONTACT US.

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