Your presentation isn’t the only thing they’re watching

Published on 21st August 2017

The art of presentation includes many things: voice, content, visuals and body language. Research shows that body language can make or break a presentation. Is someone too fidgety? Are they looking at the ceiling? An effective presentation not only has engaging content with appealing visuals, but the presenter is enthusiastic and confident in her presentation.

In the public relations industry, presentations are an opportunity to show the client and your executives the hard work and skills you’ve used for a campaign. In addition, presentation skills are vital to showing the client why your campaign will help achieve their business goals and will be worth the money.

In a recent blog post, Kelly Womer, APR, ABC, Fellow PRSA, senior vice president and partner at Linhart PR in Denver, talks about what attendees may really be focusing on during your presentation. She delves into the importance of body language and the non-verbal cues that can help create a well-rounded presentation. She encourages readers to use the four tips she includes to practice and prepare for their next presentation. Read Womer’s 4 tips for a better presentation.

Linhart PR is a national communications firm based in Colorado with experts in industries such as, consumer marketing, corporate communications, digital media, energy and utilities, financial and professional services, healthcare communications and employee engagement. Linhart PR’s guiding principles include being business oriented, working with the best companies, making valuable connection and delivering value. Knowing how to give an effective and successful presentation is an important aspect to following through on these principles. Linhart PR regularly posts about presentation best practices.

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