Why Unplugging is Good for You

Published on 28th September 2017

Working in marketing and PR, we find ourselves constantly consuming media. Not only because it’s our job to, but because media is always looming over our heads. Our partners at Dick Jones Communications help us realize a few reasons why unplugging for a little bit can not only benefit us mentally, but can improve our work.

There are many things you can do to avoid stressing out over the workload you are going to have to come back to once you plug in again. One way Dick Jones Communications suggests is sending an out of office automatic email, so that coworkers and clients do not expect an immediate response from you. Other things to do may include refraining to bring your laptop with you on a vacation to not only lighten your load, but to also help you resist the urge to plug in. Dick Jones Communications gives us more helpful tips to unplug.  

For over 30 years, Dick Jones Communications has worked with clients across a wide spectrum of industries with one thing in common: a desire to communicate the issues changing our world.

Dick Jones provides clients with strategic communication solutions that drive proactive public relations programs.

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