Why Genuine and Purpose-Driven Content is More Important Than Ever Before

Published on 7th February 2024

This insights post is a summary of the original blog post published by Coyne PR. Read the post:  Purpose & Authenticity: Real Stories, Real Purpose.

In the communication world, it’s often challenging to sift through the noise, skepticism, and buzzwords to find content you resonate with. It’s why there’s been an emphasis on authenticity and purpose in content strategies many brands are using. Why is being honest and down-to-earth important? More audiences want communications that they can trust to provide them with the right information.

Authentic communication helps your brand make sure that there’s a consistent story that audiences feel is more personal. With so many industries being inundated with tropes, cliches, and fluff, honesty can really help a brand stand out from the pack. However, this methodology isn’t just accomplished with communication, it’s backed up with action.

The Power of Purpose Driven Communications

Having purpose behind your brands communications can often become a guiding force that provides direction and meaning. It provides a way for your target audience to learn the reasoning being your messaging. It helps people see the long-term goals and values of your brand. When a purpose matches a brand’s actions, it becomes an embedded practice that members of your audience anticipate.

On the other hand, brands without a clear purpose will find it harder to build trust and often met with resistance. For example, if a brand adds a “green” initiative to help boost their advertising strategy, they’ll likely be met with push back from the greater community.

For PR and marketing, authenticity means truly representing the brand values. It’s important to note that this type of credibility doesn’t just happen overnight. Being authentic and showing the genuine side of brand needs to be a consistent practice woven into the main communication efforts.

Brands that are looking to become more authentic can start with choosing a mission or cause that aligns with one of the company’s core values. From there, it’s finding more ways to let that core value shine through into your messaging.

To learn from Coyne PR more about the importance for brands to be authentic and purpose-driven, check out the full blog post: Purpose & Authenticity: Real Stories, Real Purpose

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