What Information Do You Really Need to Capture With Your Form?

Published on 23rd September 2020

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Landing page forms can be a great tool for turning visitors into leads. When done right, they can be a key component in driving success towards your goal. 

The biggest challenge when creating a landing page form is knowing what you can and should ask. Worldcom partners at True Digital Communications offer insight on the factors to consider to figure that out. 

Complying with regulations

Companies need to understand the current privacy and security regulations when it comes to asking for, storing and using visitor information. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU, are two very important examples of laws that influence the data that marketers collect.

Determining your questions

Once you know your call to action, you can start pinpointing the right questions to ask based on the information you need to to complete the process or transaction. Another way to determine what questions to ask is by identifying where your audience is in the marketing funnel and aligning your questions with that phase. 

Once you begin crafting your questions, you need to determine what information you need-to-have versus information that would be nice-to-have. If a user begins to think you’re asking for irrelevant information, they may abandon the form. It’s also important that your form is inclusive to your visitors. Consider open text fields so you’re not excluding anyone with discreet options in a drop-down menu. 

Learn more about determining length, smart forms and progressive profiling by viewing the full blog post.

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