[Video] How to Harness the Power of Live Video

Published on 20th January 2019

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Authenticity. It’s the buzzword that’s changing the way marketers think about their social media strategies. While some marketers have successfully demonstrated authenticity with story-based content and influencer collaborations, many are struggling to achieve the same level of authenticity with their video content.

Marketers know that audiences want video content – it comprises nearly 75% of web traffic –  but with a sea of choices, audiences will only engage with videos that resonate. So, what can marketers do?

Live Video Offers Powerful New Tool

CASACOM explains that diving into the world of live video is the most effective way brands can create authentic, engaging video content that will resonate with audiences. In their blog, they note that three-quarters of Facebook users watch live video, and that live videos are viewed three times longer than regular videos and generate ten times more comments.

Live video is generating powerful results for the brands that do it right. But what does good live video content look like? CASACOM explains in their vlog:

Ingredients of Good Live Video Content

  1. Add a dose of suspense to give users a reason to keep watching. For example, Buzzfeed’s “watermelon explosion” video kept audiences waiting to see how many rubber bands it takes to bust a watermelon. Give audiences something to look forward to for maximum engagement.
  2. Offer a live question and answer session with users. Not only does this encourage active viewing, but it also shows your brand is committed to educating audiences and providing useful information.
  3. Ask audiences for suggestions. While it may make be nerve-wracking to give audiences this level of control, they will appreciate having a voice and the opportunity to help shape the content.

Ready to go live? Visit CASACOM’s blog to get more suggestions for adding authentic live video content to your social media strategy.


Founded in Montréal in 2001, CASACOM is an independent national communication and public relations consulting firm that helps clients accelerate business success through communications. Located in offices in Montréal and in Toronto, CASACOM brings a real understanding of cultural differences resulting in unique and highly effective communications strategies. The firm was founded with a deep sense of integrity and humanity and our unique approach to collaboration and excellence gives us the opportunity to truly make a difference in our clients’ businesses. The team is highly strategic, creative, and passionate and specializes in corporate communications, public affairs, and marketing communications.

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