Using Facebook Groups to Create an Online Community

Published on 4th November 2020

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Averi Burton from Providence Strategic Consulting, Inc. View the original blog post on How to Use Facebook Groups to Foster an Online Community.

What Are Facebook Groups? 

Facebook groups are a tool you can use to develop an online network or community that allows its members to discuss a common interest or topic. Facebook groups allow organic discussions about products or services and can cultivate brand awareness with an interested audience.

Why Should I Use Them? 

Facebook groups allow you to connect with people among small communities who have the same common goal or interests. As a company, you have the opportunity to learn from and about your customers and prospects. You can post questions you may have that pertain to your group, and they can answer, or you can answer someone else’s questions. If your group allows it, you can even sell items in your group. If you’re an admin of the group, you also have the ability to run ads directly to your groups feed. 

Get Started with Facebook Groups: 

View the full blog post to learn how you can create and set up Facebook Groups with a step-by-step walk through.You can also find Social Media Insights from other Worldcom Partners.

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