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Published on 19th February 2018

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Influencer marketing isn’t limited to B2C brands, but successful B2B influencer marketing can be a bit more challenging to accomplish. While respected and influential experts are within reach of B2B brands, they are sometimes difficult to identify and engage. With the right strategies and insight, however, B2B influencer marketing can yield impressive results.

Worldcom partner, Dix & Eaton, outlines the five levels for identifying the right B2B influencer for your brand and the process earning their support. As a recent blog post identifies, there are usually two internal sources for influencer and three external sources. Company leaders and employees can be the brands biggest cheerleaders and oftentimes have connections to other relevant players in the industry.

Influencers can also be reached outside of the company through customers, industry experts and industry media. Your customers may in fact be industry experts, so fostering strong relationships and frequently engaging with your customers may have a larger-reaching influence. Editors and writers who focus on your industry can have a great impact on your market through the information they share. Position your brand as a trusted source of knowledge and your content may be picked up by some of the leading media influencers in the industry.

Once you’ve identified the relevant influencers to your brand, Dix & Eaton provides four additional steps to create your B2B influencer marketing strategy. The next step is to ensure your interests align with the influencer’s before moving forward. See the final three steps for successful B2B influencer marketing and specific ways to identify potential influencers on the Dix & Eaton blog.


Dix & Eaton is an integrated communications consultancy specializing in media relations, investor relations, crisis communications and marketing communications. Working as partners, we bring deep experience, foresight and creativity to every relationship and help clients realize the full power of communication to drive results.  Founded in 1952, Dix & Eaton is 100 percent employee-owned and has twice been named the nation’s best midsized firm.

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