Tips for Practicing Mindfulness at Work

Published on 30th June 2022

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Josh Gaydos of Linhart PR: 3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Work. 

May was Mental Health Awareness month, a month about recognizing the importance of mental health and its impacts, as well as the power of self-care. In these times of tumultuous change, having an awareness of your own mental health and overall wellness needs, as well as a sensitivity to the experiences and feelings of those around you, is vital.

While everyone’s challenges may be different, there has been success in navigating stress and boosting confidence and performance in the workplace through daily mindfulness exercises. Here are three to consider:

Strengthen your mind and muscles with yoga:

This ancient practice can aid flexibility and strengthen muscles, all while reducing stress. A great beginning pose is the Tree Pose, which improves balance and mental steadiness. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then switch legs. Beginning your day with yoga can help you find your center and poise. It’s a great in-between meetings pose to practice too.

Incorporate mindful or paced breathing:

A core mindfulness tenet and practice is an awareness of breath. Even one minute of a breathing exercise has been shown to activate stress reduction processes in the body. The breathing exercise you can use is a 4-second in-breath, followed by 2 seconds of holding breath, then a 4-second out-breath. The exacts here should not cause discomfort but be used as a rough estimate. Even after the first practice, you should find yourself calmer, more renewed, and more focused.

To find out the last technique, be sure to read the full blog post 3 Ways To Practice Mindfulness At Work. 

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