Three essential building blocks for consumer trust

Published on 24th June 2019

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During times of uncertainty, consumers want brands to step up and provide reassurance. Building consumer trust can start and end in an unlikely place – data. 

Worldcom Partner Airfoil Group discussed the three essential building blocks for gaining consumer trust

Truth. Transparency. Choice. 

In terms of privacy, companies have an obligation to protect consumer data and be honest about the measures they are taking to do so. Additionally, organizations should be transparent about how they’re using the data and allow consumers to authorize the use of their information. 

If there is a misuse or breach of data, companies need to communicate effectively and timely to their consumers. 

A recent RSA Data Privacy & Security Report states that 62% of respondents would blame the organization for a breach of privacy before they would blame hackers. This result shows how consumers view data protection as a companies responsibility. 

To develop and maintain consumer trust within an organization, companies must go beyond just the legal minimum level of data protection. They must listen to what consumers want and expect and align their policies with that. Doing so will help them create long-lasting relationships with committed and engaged consumers. 

Consumer trust may take months or years to gain, but the second it falters it could be gone forever. Truth, transparency, and choice are important essentials to always implement.

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Airfoil Group is a Public Relations Strategy Agency and a WBENC-certified woman-owned small business (WOSB). Based out of Royal Oak, MI, the firm focuses on developing strategies that maximize clients’ competitive advantages in local, national and global business markets, and with target audiences through traditional and emerging channels.

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