The Value Visuals Bring To Your Brand

Published on 31st March 2023

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post published by Alfredo Vélez of DuartePino. View the original post: The Value Visuals Bring to your Brand. 

From the point of view of a Designer, Photographer, and Visual Learner

Over two-thirds of people are visual learners who engage more with social media posts, emails, ads, and content containing images rather than just text. Not only is content with images easier to digest and more likely to catch your attention, but they make the content that follows more compelling. According to a recent study, around 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing campaigns since visual content is 40% more likely to be shared on social media platforms.

What are digital visual assets? 

A digital visual asset is material such as photography, videos, design (infographics, illustrations, posters, signage, and motion graphics), and content such as GIFs, CGI photography, and memes. Other visuals can include presentations, documents, and more. While the format type is crucial, the value it brings is equally essential. Digital assets must be owned by either a company or individual, provide value to said company, and be searchable via Google and metadata.  

Digital assets are a fantastic way to attract, inspire, and engage people! Creating a great brand experience and utilizing different and unique visual aspects can go a long way. According to Gepard, “visual assets drive sales by creating better customer experiences. In return, this builds brand loyalty. It is important to understand that visual content drives engagement and conversion. Today’s market demands that retailers have a robust plan that meets both the creative and administrative sides, which is often a time-consuming part of the business.”

Why visuals are important and why you should use them

To view statics on the power of visual content and why it’s so important, read the full-length blog post, The Value Visuals Bring To Your Brand.  You can also additional expert insight about Brands from our other Worldcom Partners.

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