The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations

Published on 28th February 2018

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we use technology and make sense of data. With the incredible influx of data since the birth of social media and smartphone technology, AI may finally offer public relations professionals with the tool to harness the insights offered from data.

Worldcom partner, CASACOM, discussed the key insights from Boston’s PRSA Conference regarding AI’s role in public relations. In a recent blog post, CASACAOM explains that AI will be particularly useful for providing new ways to monitor the ever-growing database of digital analytic metrics more quickly and precisely. With the past two years alone accounting for 90% of data created in the last 120 years, professionals who rely on manual analytic techniques will quickly fall behind those who embrace the new technology to aid monitoring and analytics.

Not only will AI be a useful tool for assessing analytics, but it will also provide PR professionals with the ability to detect crisis more accurately. Platforms supported by AI will have the ability to make predictions based on previous variations in social media activity and aid in determining the level of urgency of a situation.

As with any new technological advancement, there remain a lot of questions surrounding the capabilities of AI. Will robots interfere with press relations? Will algorithms create content from scratch? Will new tools detect the best target audiences to interact with? See responses to these questions from Josh Ginsberg of Zignal Labs on the CASACOM blog.


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