The Art of Facebook Live

Published on 4th October 2017

The best part about social media is the instantaneous engagement you have with your audience. Facebook Live is one of the many features offered on social media to drive viewers to your content. Our partner, Linhart PR, offers five great tips for having a successful Facebook Live event.

The first important rule to Facebook Live is to prepare your message. Getting your message out quickly during a live video is crucial, otherwise your viewers will start to dwindle making your live video obsolete.  You never want to go live without a plan. Linhart PR suggests to even script out the video content and cadence so there appears to be some sort of professional structure, and to keep the message intriguing.

Ready to go live? Read Linhart’s post What is Facebook Live and 5 Ways to Use it Successfully for Your Brand

Linhart PR helps some of the country’s top organizations build and defend strong, engaging brands and reputations. They are trusted partners to their clients and they work hard to ensure that each situation is handled in a manner suited to each client’s standards.

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