The 5 Hottest Trends in SEO for 2016

Published on 25th January 2017

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Are you using the top five SEO trends to maximize your web presence? Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to grow as the years go on, especially since Google announced new rules and implemented top-secret algorithms. Dix & Eaton’s Senior Advisor and SEO Specialist Linda Nawrocki, discusses the top 5 SEO trends of 2016.

The use of mobile searches on Google have increased in the past year. Because of this, Google has placed emphasis on how important it is to meet mobile standards. These mobile rules have increased website traffic from 10-20 percent in the last year. Google also looks at “page weight” and rewards websites whose page weight falls below 400k. Having low page weight increases the speed of your website making it easier to navigate. Linda also talks about safety first for you website, what kind of content will get you better rankings and why keywords are important.

To learn more on the top 5 hottest trends in SEO check out the full article and create the best possible website for your customers.

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