Storydoing vs. Storytelling

Published on 13th August 2021

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post by Lukas Huber HBI PR&MarCom. View the original post: Storydoing vs. Storytelling – The methods of modern marketing.

Storytelling has long been considered one of the most important tools for presenting a company’s message towards their customers. Storytelling can effectively appeal to the customers’ emotions and, psychologically, stories are more likely to be stored in the brain as opposed to a simple advertising message. However, storydoing – a new way of telling a story – is entering the stage.  

The definition of Storydoing 

Storydoing marketing has been around since 2013. This new approach not only tells a story, but also offers the audience the opportunity to participate in it themselves. 

The story itself is based right at the center of the company and is incorporated in all levels of communication. Storydoing goes beyond the central “why”, which reflects the purpose of a company and its monetary requirements. 

Storytelling v. Storytelling

Storytelling and storydoing are very similar and follow one common approach: stories are to transport a core message and emotions. Companies would greatly benefit from participating in both. While storytelling is based on the fundamental values of a company and its economic activity, it can also be used for individual campaigns. Storydoing aims to encourage customers and followers to participate in their projects and be involved in larger as well as socially relevant issues. A major benefit to consider of storydoing marketing is that it serves several levels of the funnel at the same time. 

See how Samsung is leading the way in storydoing by reading the full blog post: “Storydoing vs Storytelling – The methods of modern marketing”.

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