Snapchat Campaign Drives Results for Hospitality Client [Case Study]

Published on 28th August 2018

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The Windsor Court Hotel is located in the heart of downtown New Orleans and is making big strides in developing initiatives to target local residents and draw in a younger demographic.

In 2018, the hotel introduced fine-dining and a spirited beverage program to its amenities. After planning the events, Windsor Court turned to DEVENEY for strategies to communicate their exciting programs through PR, advertising and social media marketing for hotels.


The hotel social media campaign set out to expand Windsor Court’s social media reach and showcase food and beverage outlets as a popular place for celebrations.

After extensive research, DEVENEY narrowed the target audience to guests age 21-34 for achieving their goal. Recognizing the trend of millennials to value travel experiences, their team identified ways that Windsor Court’s programs and amenities aligned with these values.


Considering 71% of Snapchat users are under the age of 34, DEVENEY identified Snapchat marketing as the best channel to both reach the target audience and achieve objectives.

DEVENEY had two strong options for their Snapchat campaign: Establish a Windsor Court account for regular posting or create Geofilters to target specific events.

Because of the time commitment required for a personal account, Windsor Court chose to use Geofilters. As part of the hotel social media strategy, they developed a content schedule centered on seven key events, which provided opportunities for user-generated content.

After identifying seven key touchpoints for their campaign, DEVENEY helped Windsor Court achieve their objectives. Learn more details of the Snapchat campaign and see their results by reading the full Snapchat Marketing case study.


DEVENEY is an internationally renowned engagement agency known for creating and implementing award-winning, strategic marketing solutions. Driven by results, DEVENEY uses research to create campaigns that open the dialogue between brands and their key stakeholders. The agency specializes in three practice areas – LifeCARE (health care, insurance), LifeSTYLE (travel + tourism, hospitality, destination, food + beverage, attractions, etc.) and CRISIS/Reputation Management – and delivers results through advertising, public relations and digital marketing.


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