Seven Tips For Quantitative PR Measurement

Published on 4th February 2019

Image of iPad with quantitative PR measurement metrics

What’s the unit of measurement for trust? Influence? A public relations practitioner’s impact may seem unquantifiable. Worldcom partner, Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, provides quick tips on how you measure the results of a PR campaign using proper quantitative PR measurement.

On the surface, it appears that public relations measurement skews heavily qualitative, but practitioners can still learn a lot from the numbers and pr measurement metrics. It is important to use numerical data to find trends and successes in public relations work.

The seven principles for an effective communication measurement campaign include:

1. Goal-Setting

It all starts with goal setting. Goals should include quantifiable targets. For example, instead of saying “I want my followers to enjoy my educational content,” say “I want 50 percent of viewers to share my educational content.” The measurement should specify that data should be used from both traditional and social media channels.

2. Outcomes vs Outputs

When measuring, it is essential to look at outcomes, not just outputs. Media placements and impressions are great, but what do they mean to the audience? How do they contribute to the success of a public relations campaign? Media measurement should account for impressions among key audiences as well as the quality and credibility of the sources and message delivery.

3. Organizational Performance

You can view results through three lenses:

  1. Brand Impact: How did the campaign impact brand awareness and advocacy?
  2. Digital Impact: How did the campaign impact traffic?
  3. Conversions: Did the campaign create customers and advocates?

Looking for more insight on PR measurement? See the full post on  quantitative PR measurement tips from Nuffer, Smith, Tucker.


Nuffer, Smith, Tucker is an independent public relations agency in San Diego, California. A diverse team dedicated to pushing themselves, the industry and their clients forward, it offers communication and strategic planning services as well as in-house graphics, website and interactive capabilities.



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