Secrets to Effective Product Testing

Published on 29th October 2020

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by András R. Nagy, managing partner of Próbakő Kommunikáció. View the original blog post on the Secrets of Product Testing.

Trying out products is often one of the most important ways for potential buyers to get to know and possibly fall in love with them. That’s why organizing product tests is still a basic element of PR efforts for consumer electronics companies. 

Today, product testers have expanded beyond journalists to include bloggers, vloggers and influencers. Worldcom partners at Próbakő Kommunikáció offer advice on how to successfully test strategy for consumer electronic products. 

Start with Strategy

Before you send out any product samples or begin testing, you need to think carefully about the different testing aspects:

  • Who do we want to communicate to/present the product to? Identifying the end-users who will purchase the gadgets will make it easier to determine the ideal journalists, bloggers and vloggers. 
  • What are the most important messages about the product being tested? Is it novel in some way or is it a more affordable alternative to a well-known player in a product category? The latter may be of interest to journalists, who often prefer to present follow-up models that are more accessible to readers, viewers or students. 
  • When is the product available? A significant part of product testing organization; product availability will determine when and for how long the given product can be in each editorial office. 
  • Can the tester keep the product or do they have to return it? While there’s no general rule, you may consider having customers keep hygiene-related products (razors, toothbrushes, etc) but return others. 

Steps for Product Testing Implementation

There are some tactical elements that you should pay attention to in order for test organization work to be successful. 

Read the full blog post from Próbakő Kommunikáció’s Three Tips for a Successful Product Testing Implementation. You can also find more insights from Worldcom Partners about Technology and Trends.

Founded in 2003, Próbakő Kommunikáció has expertise in press relations, content marketing, social media and digital communication. The company has a strong foreign network: András R. Nagy, managing partner of Próbakő, is a member of the European Board of Directors of the global agency network of the Worldcom PR Group.

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