Relevance Report Reveals What’s to Come in 2020

Published on 10th December 2019

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The 2020 Relevance Report from the USC Center for Public Relations identifies emerging issues and forecasts topics and trends impacting society, business, and communications in the coming year.

The report features insights from public relations industry leaders, as well as USC academics and graduate students. The essays in the 2020 Relevance Report are brief, insightful, and cover a broad range of topics. Whether you’re interested in learning about the state of media, communications, artificial intelligence, technology, marketing, or society, the report offers valuable perspectives.

How to Use the Report

The 2020 Relevance Report is designed to give those studying and working in public relations a preview of what the coming year holds for the PR industry, society and people’s careers. It is an excellent resource to assist in 2020 planning and benchmarking performance.

Authors include leaders from LinkedIn, The Kroger Co., Clif Bar, and Google, as well as PR agency leaders. For example, Bill Imada, founder of Worldcom partner IW Group, offers insights within the report on the importance of Asian-American representation.


Download the Relevance Report and explore the library of contributed articles from industry leaders.


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