Reaching high school students for Daniels fund

Published on 7th April 2017

The Daniels Fund Scholarship was created for graduating high school seniors who demonstrate exceptional character, leadership and a commitment to serving their communities. Scholars are selected from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. As of June 2015, The Daniels Fund has provided educational funding to more than 3,250 students.

Daniels Fund has a few thousand applicants each year, but they were interested in growing the number of applications. In order to do so, they identified three strategies to reach the overall goal.

First, they wanted to reach as many high school seniors in their region as possible. To do this, Daniels Fund needed to move away from traditional marketing to gain students attention on social media and mobile applications.

Second, Daniels Fund noticed many students were registering but not finishing the scholarship application. To help combat this they needed to get more traffic to the scholarship webpage and encourage students to apply online.

Finally, Daniels Fund wanted to reach more males in all states and more applicants overall in Wyoming.

Our partner, Linhart PR, helped the Daniels Fund plan and execute a Facebook campaign that combined owned and paid strategies to reach targeted applicants.

Linhart PR created a content strategy that involved graphics that displayed campaign objective and lead applicants to information about the program as well as guidance for participation. The graphics also included quotes from previous scholarship winners.

This campaign increased number of applicants for Daniels Fund by 33 percent, drove over 16,000 visitors to the Daniels Fund website, grew the Facebook fanpage fan base and reached over 200,000 Students in the target demographic. Read more about how Linhart PR used Social Media Marketing to create success for The Daniels Fund

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