Quick Tips to Write Your B2B Story

Published on 13th February 2019

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Whether you are B2B or B2C, storytelling matters. In each type of marketing, you have to use stories to connect to your audience.

According to Worldcom partner in the Netherlands, Wisse Kommunikatie, more people are involved in the B2B decision-making process, creating a larger audience to impress. Just like B2C consumers, B2B consumers purchase a product when they feel a connection to the brand.

Connect them to your brand using these key components of storytelling in B2B marketing:

1. Problem

Figure out the real problems your consumers face. This should help you unlock the customer’s motivation to purchase your product. By using a compelling problem statement, you can reach potential customers.


Showcase how your product or service can help solve the problem. For example, if a customer’s problem involves low social media engagement, your highlight could be content writing.

3. Solution

How will the B2B customer’s life be different after receiving your services? Will a process be streamlined? Will their reach increase? Show the impact of the service you have highlighted.

Pro tip: Try to inspire emotions like trust and professional respect instead of happiness or sadness. These deeper emotions have a higher chance of transforming a lead into a customer.

Explore more methods in the Wisse Kommunikatie blog about  storytelling in B2B marketing.


Wisse Kommunikatie is a communications consultancy in the Netherlands, specializing in corporate communication and public relations. Since its founding in 1982, Wisse Kommunikatie has worked for numerous international clients, particularly in technology sectors such as ICT, the automotive sector, transport & logistics, construction and healthcare. The firm’s services include communication research and strategy, public relations, the development and production of content and communication tools, social media and crisis communication.

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