Proving the Value of Content

Published on 20th January 2024

This insights post is a summary of the original blog post published by Britta Hanson of True Digital Communications. View the original blog: Proving the Value of Content

Every business has one common goal: to sell the services or products you offer. In today’s digital landscape, you can explore various avenues to promote your products, including:

  • Social advertising
  • Paid Search Engine advertising
  • Micro-influencer campaigns within your industry

These tactics are all in the pay-to-play arena, and while they are popular for producing straightforward results, you must focus on your organic efforts as well. Onsite content, such as blogs, is often overlooked since it can be challenging to correlate sales with this type of content.

However, if you align your content with your marketing goals, you can define the right metrics to measure your content’s performance. Doing so strengthens your content strategy and improves brand awareness and customer conversions.

Aligning Content with Your Goals

When it comes to leveraging content on your website, versatility is key. It should align with multiple goals at various stages of the buyer’s journey. For example, an awareness- level blog highlighting material trends in the residential building industry may bring you brand awareness and align you as a thought leader. However, it will likely not lead someone to a conversion or purchase page.  This result does not mean this content isn’t necessary because while they may wait to purchase, it is probable that they will go to other parts of your website to learn more. Likewise, a blog post comparing two types of cladding options may help convince a buyer in the consideration stage to make a decision, eventually leading to a purchase.

To align your content appropriately, your goals must be clearly defined. If you want to be a thought leader…you can do that through non-promotional content. If you want to further inform your current clients…that can be done through tips and tricks, case studies, and how-to blogs and videos. And if you want to push prospective clients further down the funnel…you do that through content conversions.

Learn more about content conversions and how to measure the success of your content in the full blog post: Proving the Value of Content. 

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