PR Expert Guide: How to do successful products launches in Latin America

Published on 21st December 2017

The Latin American market presents a significant growth opportunity for both business to business and consumer brands.  Growing fast and representing around 10% of the global population. The region is experiencing geo-political transformations, a rise in consumer empowerment, economic confidence, and digital disruption in every industry.

In this rapidly changing market it takes real skill, experience and cultural understanding to create winning communications and PR campaigns that trigger the right reaction.

Worldcom Public Relations Group’s partners understand how to unlock the potential of the Latin America market and, shared their advice on how to successfully launch a product in the Latin American market. Attendees to the webinar learnt about:

  • How to introduce products and services in LATAM
  • Cultural differences between the different countries in Latin America
  • The new PR approaches to traditional media and the growth of influencers in Latin America.

We collated their advice into a long-form Detailed Advice Guide. You can also access a recording of the webinar, and listen to an on demand recording.

Download Detailed Advice Guide

Detailed Advice Guide

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