Neutral is no longer an option for brands

Published on 5th June 2020

The next wave of consumers continues to demand changes. Activism is not going away. As Gen Z begins to enter the workforce and gains spending power, brands will need to evolve how they connect. 

Today’s consumers are no longer allowing brands to stay apolitical. In the past, brands would opt to stay politically silent and focus on their services or goods. 

Now, consumers expect brands to take aside. 

Stefan Pollack of the Pollack Group explains that brands will need to activate their political voices. 

Activists are more powerful

The Global Communication Report conducted by the University of Southern California Annenberg Center for Public Relations has found that activists will continue to gain power in the coming years. This “new activist” will be tech-savvy, highly educated, and more extreme than the past activist. 

Consumers expect more from brands

Not just better products and practices, but political involvement will continue to be a hot topic consumers want to see from their favorite brands. As the world continues to change, consumers will continue to ask more and more from their brands. So, if a brand wants to survive, it will have to choose a side of the political issues at hand and make a clear commitment to the brand’s stance.

Involvement will show a real connection to causes 

Since transparency is key to the new world, the consumers will not just expect brands to voice opinions, they will demand action. The “new activists” will lead the masses and demand that brands are standing up for what they are saying.

This will need to be translated into actions. So, brands may want to consider donating to causes, supporting political candidates, and incorporating actions that show the clear stance the brand is taking on major issues. 

Brands will no longer be able to stay silent. Consumers will demand brands choose sides and look to purchase from brands with involvement over brands that try to avoid political elements. 

It is no longer enough to simply sell a product or service, so be prepared for the new activist-ran world. 

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