Multilingual Content on Social Media Creates Flexibility

Published on 20th May 2020

This insight post is a summary of the blog post authored by The European Service Network. View the original, full-length blog post.

Social media is the core of our global society and adding a multilingual approach can help boost the success of social media campaigns. 

Communicators often find themselves torn between targeting a broad audience by using different languages, and focusing their message for a more narrow audience. How can social media professionals do both? 

Worldcom partners at The European Service Network offer insight on how marketers can use a multilingual approach in their social media campaigns to widen their reach while still creating conversations with a niche demographic. 

Make people care 

Make users care and connect with the post emotionally by personalizing the content to your audience’s mother tongue. Many Europeans speak at least two languages and are more likely to interact with a social post in their native language.

Create flexible content

If you choose to keep your key messages grounded in one language, make sure it’s one you’re comfortable with. Identify the best language to use and keep your content short. Think about adding a visual image can allow your post to be adapted more easily. 

View the full blog post for the final insight about not getting lost in translation. 

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The European Service Network is a full-service communications agency that is located in the heart of Brussels. The team prides itself on advising clients, creating content, and delivering top-notch work to ensure client success.

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