Marketing Trends Across Generations

Published on 22nd July 2021

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Using outbound marketing as a lone tactic simply won’t cut it anymore. It’s more important than ever to consider and understand the purchasing behavior of your audience. From baby boomers to generation Z, each generation holds its own nuances in marketing trends.  One generation will not react the same way as another – and this is where it gets tricky.  

Let’s break down the emerging marketing trends across the generations to better understand and inform effective and relevant messaging. 

Baby Boomers:  

Born between 1946 and 1964, boomers make up the primary audience for many businesses, considering they make up over 75% of wealth in the United States. Despite not growing up with technology, boomers have seen the capabilities unfold and are fascinated by its progression. This group heavily relies on Google and Facebook. 

Baby Boomer Marketing Trends: 

  1. 96% of Boomers Use Search Engines, Making SEO an Absolute Must
    This generation makes 20% more online purchases than millennials! If they are in your key audience, priortizing an SEO strategy and website user experience is a must. Using tools such as Google Analytics, HotJar, and other website optimization tools are key in understanding how this audience interacts with your brand and your site.  
  2. Take a Gentle Approach with your Ads
    While re-targeting is a powerful paid search strategy, it should be used with caution when advertising to Boomers. With minimal understanding of how they are being “tracked”, they are often concerned about privacy issues. Instead consider search ads, shopping ads, or LinkedIn ads.  
  3. Detailed, Informative Content Drives Purchasing Decisions 
    Boomers prefer to get information from in-depth sources, such as tutorials or demonstration videos. They have a longer attention span that other generations and will take the time to read the “fine print”.  

Generation X: 

Born between 1965 and 1980, those who belong to Generation X make 31% of all purchases and have the highest annual disposable income. This group holds the purchasing power and spends more time on the internet than Millennials and Boomers per week. 

Generation X Marketing Trends: 

  1. Give Gen X Brand Loyalty and Love
    Gen Xers are the strongest online brand advocates. They will commonly speak to their favorite, and least favorite, products and services online and rely on reviews to make decisions. They are also the most brand loyal generation. Rewards programs and personalized email marketing are winning strategies for this audience. 
  2. Mobile Experience is a Must
    Gen Xers don’t have the patience to deal with slow load times and spamming pop ups. Spending more than three hours on mobile every day, it’s crucial to make sure your website UX and SEO strategies support a mobile-first experience. 
  3. Go Nostalgic 
    Play into this generations nearest and dearest memories by incorporating old-school commercials, throwback music, and noteworthy events from their lifetime. Integrating a nostalgic experience is a big win for this audience.  

What about Generations Y and Z? Check out the full blog post Marketing Trends Across Generations, From Boomers to Gen Z. to better understand how to market to these generations.

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