Why an Agency Can Make Your Next Recruitment Campaign a Huge Success

Published on 12th April 2022

This insight post summarizes the original blog post published by Airfoil: Why an Agency Can Make Your Next Recruitment Campaign a Huge Success. 

Just as the workforce evolved over the last few years, so have recruitment strategies. Due to the “Great Resignation,” businesses are struggling, and employers in many different sectors report record-high job openings. Strained industries compete for talent. Working from home isn’t the norm for some but an expectation. 

Ensuring your employees continue to evolve, remain engaged, and grow a business against all odds is why more companies turn to creative agencies to help with recruitment campaigns.  

Consulting the essential departments. 

Many businesses don’t have the proper resources to drive effective recruitment campaigns, so creative agencies are being tapped to lead recruitment efforts. To drive client growth, agencies have their own dedicated departments that can help guide recruitment efforts, such as HR, digital specialists, and content development teams. 

Human Resources 

Culture and a brand people want to relate to are influential decision-makers of who gets hired. Every candidate you talk to can impact your company’s culture. Even though company culture begins from the top-down, human resources will ultimately set the pace of what the culture looks like in practice. 

When it comes to recruitment, Sharon Neumann, COO of Airfoil Group, understands, “What worked five years ago isn’t going to work today.” There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach to hiring anymore. Different people prioritize different benefits and company values. Beyond compensation, what matters to an entry-level employee may not be crucial to a mid-level candidate. 

Lead generation 

Recruitment campaigns are inbound marketing campaigns that serve to attract qualified talent—understanding the type of talent you want to attract starts with developing a persona and appealing to the audience. The recruitment persona should be led by the department that needs the position filled and will help you identify the correct audience. Audience segmentation is just as important as the creative copy. Considering the company’s core values will also help define the role further. 

Once the agency team develops the recruitment persona, they build out the audience segments based on specific criteria for the tole and what platforms help target the audience. What the candidate experiences through the recruitment process are just as meaningful. For example, if a company’s promise is focused on cutting-edge technology, but the candidate has to upload their resume and then input the same data on the next page, that may not be the best impression. If the UX is off, the campaign will suffer. 


Understanding the difference between content relevancy and the platform also makes a difference. Whether recruiting CEOs or entry-level employees, you must understand the key differences and plan your content accordingly. 

Great content must speak directly to the ideal candidate in timely and compelling ways that are relatable and drive them to apply for a career at your company. 

Strategies to consider: 

  • Position the company as the ideal destination for excellent talent 
  • Expand avenues of recruitment 
  • Make current employees an active part of the process 
  • Measure your success 
  • Don’t be afraid to adapt 

There is no such thing as a “boilerplate” recruitment campaign in today’s world. Each employer’s journey is different, and an effective campaign will address that. 

If you are ready to take your recruitment campaigns to the next level, read the full article Why an Agency Can Make Your Next Recruitment Campaign a Huge Success.

Airfoil is a brand growth agency based in Royal Oak, Michigan, specializing in PR, marketing, creative and logistical challenges that impede business growth. Having been in the business for 20 years, Airfoil is a woman-owned agency that Advertise Age has dubbed as one of the best places to work. 

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