Know What Digital Marketing Channels are Right for Your Goals

Published on 12th November 2018

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“Digital Transformation” is more than just a buzzword – it’s an entire framework for helping brands grow their business. But for many brands, simply identifying what digital marketing channels are right for their goals can be a major roadblock.

Tábua Digital argues that the first step in identifying the right digital channels for your brand is to think strategically. Once you’ve clearly assessed your brand and its strategy, you can then focus on the specific tactics to use. In their blog post, Tábua Digital outlines questions brands should evaluate to prepare their digital strategy:

Questions to Align Digital Channels with Your Goals

  • Is your brand’s marketing approach proactive or reactive?
  • Does your brand have the tools and resources to address audiences directly and proactively on digital channels?
  • What concrete, measurable results will your brand aim to achieve by adopting a digital strategy?
  • What are the key strengths your brand can highlight through your digital strategy?
  • Does your team have the relevant skills to move into the digital space or will your brand need to invest in training or new talent?
  • What content is your brand currently using and what form does it take (i.e. physical marketing materials like brochures and fliers, or digital pieces like landing pages and websites, etc.)?

Once you’ve assessed your brand based on these strategic questions, you can use the answers to begin outlining what digital marketing channels are right for your goals. Check out the rest of the blog from Tábua Digital to learn how.


Tábua Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Portugal that specializes in public relations, social media community management, influencer marketing, SEO/SEM, online reputation management and start-ups communication. Since 2017, Tábua has dedicated their efforts to both clients and the community through the 10% Project, encouraging employees to devote 10% of their time to volunteer for social causes and actions to support the local Portuguese community.

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