Ideal Content for Your Marketing Funnel

Published on 27th July 2021

This insight post is a summary of the original blog post authored by Teun Kuijvenhoven of WisseKommunikatie. View the original post: The Right Content for Your Marketing Funnel (De ideale content voor je marketing funnel)

It’s crucial to understand where a customer stands in order to better serve their needs and fulfil the marketing experience. However, organizing the total customer journey and how they move through the marketing funnel is a key consideration that is missed by 61% of sales departments.  

Marketing automation specialist Matthew Sweezy offers tips to get and retain attention in every phase of the buyer journey.   

Early-stage leads: 

Buyers in this stage typically do not have a clear understanding of their “problem” and are still discovering their pain point. Therefore, it’s best to avoid business-related information and instead approach them with helpful content that clarifies what their problem is and how your company can solve it.  

Mid-stage leads: 

Those in this stage have clearly identified their pain point but are still looking for a concrete solution. Engaging these leads with social selling content such as testimonials, webinars, or case studies will help further convince them.  

Late-stage leads: 

In this stage, most know exactly how they want to solve their problem but have yet to settle on a solution provided. Approach them with content that is focused on the purchase. Comparative blogs, buyer’s guides, and proposal applications tend to work well.  

Sales leads: 

While those in the sales leads category know what they want, you still must convince them with sales-oriented content. For example, blogs about results that have been achieved with your product or service are very convincing in this stage.   

Case studies and landing pages can also speed up the purchase process. If you see in your customer data that the lead reads a lot of your content but hasn’t pulled the trigger yet – serving them the right content could be what they need to complete the purchase.  

See how current customers and fans of your product/service play into the content marketing funnel.  You can also find insights on Content Marketing from other Worldcom partners.

Wisse Kommunikatie is a communications consultancy in the Netherlands, specializing in corporate communication and public relations. Since its founding in 1982, Wisse Kommunikatie has worked for numerous international clients, particularly in technology sectors such as ICT, the automotive sector, transport & logistics, construction and healthcare. The firm’s services include communication research and strategy, public relations, the development and production of content and communication tools, social media and crisis communication. 

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