How To Create A Successful Podcast For Content Marketing

Published on 9th March 2021

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Do your 2021 goals include broadening your clientele and gaining loyal customers? In this article we discuss new content marketing trends, specifically podcasting as a method of gaining new business.

Statistics of strong growth

According to “The Infinite Dial,” “Monthly podcast consumers grew by 16% year-over-year, cresting 100 million Americans for the first time.” At an average of 68 million weekly listeners, U.S. podcast audiences listened to about six podcasts weekly, according to research. Gen Z and Millennials seem to be the highest group of consumers at 49%; however, podcasts remain quite popular among all age groups. With the increase of smart speakers in homes and new audio devices in vehicles, there are even more devices to listen to digital audio.

Giving your business a voice

Podcasting is a content marketing technique that ensures your company stays relevant and on-trend. Another benefit is that the information can be transferred across mediums. Episodes can consist of audio recordings, as well as videotaped and turned into a transcript for blog posts.

Getting started: consistency is key

Creating consistent content provides the customer with a platform to build trust in your brand. The focus is building a strengthened relationship with the client by producing dependable, high-quality content. Episodes should be promoted and aired frequently on a reliable schedule for your podcast to be successful.

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