How Podcast Advertising is Changing the Game

Published on 14th March 2019

Advertising today looks nothing like it did even just a decade ago. Digital advertising swiftly grew over the years, and new content-driven platforms are pushing advertisers into exciting new spaces.

Take for instance, podcast advertising. Arguably, podcasting has the potential to be one of the most effective platforms for advertising. Not convinced? Consider these numbers:

  • 48 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly – that’s five times the amount of moviegoers
  • On average, listeners hear seven podcasts a week while 14% listen to 11 or more
  • 80% of listeners make it through at least half of each podcast, and more than 1/3 listen to the entire episode
  • Podcast advertising spend is projected to hit $500 million in 2020

The most important number to advertisers? 65% of listeners intend to purchase a product or service after hearing it advertised on a podcast.

Cookerly PR caught on to this trend early and explains why podcast advertising works in their recent blog.

Topics Everyone Can Enjoy

With half a million podcasts to choose from, people can find podcasts on virtually any topic. Advertisers have the ability to target to even the most niche audiences based on very specific interests.

Ads That Engage

Listeners come to know and trust the voices of podcasters, so having these trusted voices deliver ads makes them more engaging to audiences. When podcasters are able to add their own style to ads, from personal experiences to inside jokes, people actually want to listen.

There are more reasons podcast advertising is such a growing success. Get all of the insights on the blog post from Cookerly PR.

Cookerly PR is an award-winning marketing communications firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1991, Cookerly has focused on powering perceptions through media relations, managing reputations through effective crisis communication, producing measurable results with digital marketing and developing integrated marketing strategies for clients.

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